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1. What is P2P trading?
Peer-to-peer (P2P) trading is a type of trading that occurs directly between two individuals or parties. P2P trading allows users to buy and sell crypto at their own preferred prices, creating more accessibility. Unlike traditional exchanges, P2P trading doesn't involve middlemen such as centralized exchanges.
2. What is a P2P exchange?
A P2P exchange, or P2P marketplace, is a platform that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers to facilitate P2P trading. P2P exchanges provide a safe environment with vetted trading partners to mitigate the risk of fraud. They also promote the use of secure payment methods, while allowing users to maintain control over their cryptocurrencies.
3. Glossary of P2P Trading Terms
New to P2P and its daily jargon? Learn the meaning of terms like taker, maker, merchants etc. in our article below: Glossary of P2P Trading Terms
4. Pexpay P2P Trading FAQs
As a P2P trader, how am I protected? Can I trade without KYC? For any such questions related to P2P trading, discover more FAQs in our article below: Pexpay P2P Trading FAQs
5. How To Add a Payment Method on Pexpay
In order to trade on Pexpay’s P2P platform, you need to add your preferred payment method. This could be credit card, bank transfer, Google Pay or any other of our 150+ offered payment methods. Before you add a new payment method, please make sure you’ve completed KYC and enabled 2FA in security. Read our guide to learn How To Add a Payment Method on Pexpay
6. How to become a P2P Merchant at Pexpay
Pexpay’s P2P Merchants can earn profit by posting trading advertisements and completing P2P trades. They also enjoy exclusive benefits, including special promotions, access to more trading tools, verified badges, dedicated customer support, and more. Step-by-step Guide: How to Become a P2P Merchant at Pexpay
7. Pexpay P2P Appeal Handling Rules
At Pexpay, user experience and safety are our top priorities. Nonetheless, situations may occasionally arise where you need to raise an appeal. Learn more about our appeal handling rules to stay informed: Pexpay P2P Appeal Handling Rules
8. Pexpay P2P Trading Guidelines
Pexpay’s P2P trading guidelines include some instructions for both buyers and sellers, a general trading guide as well as details on abnormal user behavior and details on how to handle it. All P2P users are advised to read this to ensure smooth transactions. Read More: Pexpay P2P Trading Guidelines
9. Pexpay P2P Merchant Policy
In order to create a fair, secure, and reliable trading environment for our users on the Pexpay P2P platform, merchants need to abide by the following principles: Pexpay P2P Merchant Policy
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